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 Anyang Sino-Grace Trading Co., Ltd. is an all-round and comprehensive company with exporting business, until now, to above 16 countries. We have a good reputation in Railway fastneres, Steel plates, Prefab house related industries. ANYANG SINO-GRACE established in 2013, with more than 8 years development in providing professional service for our customers. Our main business includes Railway fastneres, Steel plates, Prefab house, furthermore, we can supply our customer with embedded channel + assembled integrated suspension system for the pipe gallery project, railway accessories, Chinese Standard railyway fish plates, BS railway standard fish plates, DIN standard railway fish plates, South America railway fish plates, African railway fish plates, American standard railway fish plates.

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COMPANY:Anyang Sino-Grace Trading Co., Ltd.

Contact:Eli Hu

Tel:18567789196 Whatsapp/Wechat Available

Phone:18567789196 Whatsapp/Wechat Available


Add:Yongming Street, Hi-Tech Development Zone, Anyang ,Henan, China.